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Script for 50 SNES Spoilers

The following is our script from the 50 SNES SPOILERS IN 3 MINUTES video.

1.      Super Mario world – Mario and Luigi Save the Princess and restore peace to Dinosaur Land

2.      Super Mario world 2 – Yoshi saves Baby Mario and Baby Luigi and return them to their parents.

3.      Super Mario rpg legend of the 7 stars – Smithy is defeated, and the collected Star Pieces are used to repair the Star Road.

4.      The legend of Zelda a link to the past – Link defeats Ganon and restores Hyrule to how it was before.

5.      The Death and Return of Superman – Superman is brought back to life and defeats The Cyborg

6.      Super Adventure Island – Higgins beats the boss and saves Tina.

7.      Super Adventure Island 2 – Higgins whipped all those weenies and saves Tina again!

8.      Out of this world – Lester is badly wounded, but he and his alien friend escape the prison on the back of a giant flying creature. God this game was cool!

9.      Secrets of the stars – ray and his friends save the day and return home to Avalon.

10.  Sunset riders- you kill all the most wanted men in the old west and ride off.

11.  Disney’s Aladdin – Aladdin fools Jafar into wishing himself into a genie, and he and Jasmin live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

12.  Tiny toon adventures buster busts loose – Buster defeats the evil empire army by himself and saves Babs, then the gang breaks down the set and heads home.

13.  Breath of fire – Blak and his companions save the world and become legends

14.  Breath of fire 2 – Ryu defeats Deathevn and returns home with two possible endings. Either sacrificing himself by transforming into a dragon to prevent further demon encroachment, or by having Ganer pilot a floating landmass on top of the mountain and seal it off for good.

15.  Demon’s crest- firebrand destroys the dark demon and disposes of all the crests.

16.  Act Raiser- The Master and servant help the civilizations of the world and leave the realm until a time they are needed once more. h

17.  Actrasier 2 – Tazra is destroyed, the master disappears, and the world is at peace.

18.  Lufia and the fortress of doom- the sinistrals are destroyed and lufia returns home.

19.  Lufia II: rise of the sinistrals – You are victorious and everyone returns home.

20.  Pocky and rocky – The Gorgonzola Goblins go home and Pocky goes to her shrine.

21.  Harvest moon- You get a variety of endings depending on how well you raised your farm and grew your crops and family.

22.  Super double dragon – Billy & Jimmy rid the town of Duke and his gang but are never seen again in an ending thats just scrolling text. Lame.

23.  Kirby superstar- Kirby is champion in the arena!

24.  Mega man 7 – Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily again!

25.  Mega man and bass- Dr Wily is defeated again!

26.  Mega Man X – X is victorious but questions if the fighting will ever end.

27.  Mega man x2- X is victorious but questions if the fighting will ever end again!

28.  Mega man X3- X is victorious and his destiny is to one day destroy Zero in order to save mankind.

29.  SECRETS Of evermore – Carlton is defeated and Evermore’s destruction is averted.

30.  Teenage mutant ninja turtles iv: turtles in time- The turtles defeat Shredder and bring back the statue of liberty

31.  Illusion of gaia – Will and Kars return the world to normal, but in the process end up not remembering anything, even each other, and share a final moment together.

32.  Donkey kong country – Donkey Kong defeats King K. Rool and restores his Banana Hoard to its former glory.

33.  Donkey kong country ii :diddys quest- diddy kong defeats k rool and rescues donkey kong

34.  Donkeykong country 3 : Dixie kong’s double trouble – the kongs are victorious and capture k. rool in a giant egg thing.

35.  Contra 3 – you stop the alien invasion!

36.  Secrets of mana- Thanatos is defeated and the mana sword slays the mana beast and is then returned beneath the waterfall.

37.  Castlevania: Dracula x – Dracula is defeated and you save both Maria and Annet

38.  Super castelvania 4 – simon kills Dracula

39.  Earthbound – human prayer helps defeat giygas and the friends all return to their bodies and homes except paula who stays with Ness

40.  Final fantasy 2 – Cecil and his allies defeat Zeromus and reunite later to celebrate cecil and rosa’s wedding.

41.  Final fantasy 3 – Kefka is defeated and Terra survives.

42.  Final fantasy 5 – Exdeath is defeated, the heroes seal the Void once more, restore the reunified world, and find all their fallen comrades have been brought back to life.

43.  Final fantasy mystic quest – Benjamin frees the regions of the world, then sets off for a new adventure on a ship.

44.  Super Metroid – Samus defeats the Mother Brain and narrowly escapes planet wide dectruction

45.  Shadow run – the mainframe is destroyed and Jake escapes via helicopter to safety.

46.  Legend of the mystical ninja – Ying and Yang rescue Princess Yuki

47.  Chrono trigger – The group defeats Queen Zeal and successfully battle Lavos, saving the future of their world. This is followed by many various endings depending on how you played this awesome game.

48.  The magical quest starring mickey mouse – haha! Mickey rescues Pluto and saves the day but it turns out to all be a dream and the gang has a catch outside. haha!

49.  Disney’s magical quest2- haha! Mickey and Minnie defeat Baron Pete, save the ghosts and put on a circus haha!

50.  Goof troop- Goofy and Max defeat Keelhaul Pete and save the real Pete and PG from being eaten by an alligator.


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