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Kids React to asdfmovie

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"Kids React to asdfmovie"

Published: 02/12/12

Kids React

Kids React to asdfmovie

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  • Shadash20

    Rafi is there going to be more employees or music genres

  • Robbyelisarraras

    Teens react to Peter chao

  • Maxiboy37

    that twin is so f*cking hot!

  • Soul Chavera

    dont have any of them  watch gonzossm videos

  • Soul Chavera

    im the same age as william

  • 2chomp

    Mine turtle is da best

  • Alex Benjamin

    I wish I could go on the show

  • Legoluigi00

    Kids react to mine turtle


    Weird when Dylan,10 year old boy,said,”WHATTT!?”

  • lightscameraawesoify

    whats the phone number? i’ve been told if you contact them, you could get on the show. kids (hopefully including me soon) react to candy candy ( same artist who did ponponpon)

  • lightscameraawesoify

    srry i meant if you contact thefinebros

  • olivia

    plz do kids react to 60 ghetto names

  • Misira

    I love ASDFmovies, TomSka’s vids and The Fine Bros….. SO THIS WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    William and Bryson are both so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • morzil

    show them gummy bear

  • alexia

    william is so cute i love him

  • jametria

    I love this video it makes makes me laugh.

    My favorite is “Throw the cheese!!!!”

    Another reason I love this video is because William is in it. I just adore him. He is so cute

  • rising guild

    I was wondering if you could rick roll the kids react as well.

  • jordan

    me too this must be really fun

  • VocaloidFanGirl

    me too.

  • VocaloidFanGirl

    You tubers should react to…..HATSUNE MIKU!!!!

  • VocaloidFanGirl


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