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LOST – Hurley’s INTERACTIVE Death (re-post)

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"LOST – Hurley’s INTERACTIVE Death (re-post)"

Published: 09/02/10


YOU decide who kills Hurley! Behind The Scenes WATCH ALL OUR LOST PARODIES WRITTEN DIRECTED EDITED by Benny & Rafi Fine – SPECIAL EFFECTS: William Hyler – VOICE ACTING: Magneto & Mustang by TOBY TURNER – Hurley by Eadge – Dooku & Envy & Snape by Rafi Fine – Draco Malfoy and Edward Elrich by Benny Fine – MUSIC: Joseph Carrillo – TOYS PROVIDED BY: FOLLOW US AROUND THE WEB TAGS thefinebros lost hurley season 6 dvd deleted scenes epilogue the end bonus footage short walt island exclusive final season interactive game star wars harry potter draco magneto dooku mustang parody spoof comedy funny

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